"Relationships: Earth, Sky, Man"

A Monochrome Portfolio


John L. Lytton


An exquisite collection of 27 images selected for their thematic consistency.


From the book:


"It can be argued that there are two basic realms of our world: earth and sky.  Each influences and depends on the other.  But at the boundary between the two is another influence and dependent - man, whose presence is increasingly affecting the relationships of the other two.

Each image in this collection establishes a relationship between two or more of the above three elements.  Although duo and trio relationships exist throughout our world, this photographer has chosen the American Southwest to illustrate relationships in a small selection of images of this area.  The presence of man is transient compared to earth and sky and is connoted as such."


The book comes in a lustre finish hard cover with pages that are true photographic glossy archival paper to retain the tonality of the images.  An archival chestnut color presentation box as well protects the book in storage.

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