About Lytton Imaging

Lytton Imaging is a multi-faceted company that provides consultation, services and products in digital imaging and fine-art black & white inkjet printing. Drawing upon expertise in the fields of photography and personal computer technology, our primary focus is digital imaging.  Our specialty service is high quality, high longevity black & white inkjet printing, also known as "gicle" printing.

About The Photographer

John Lytton is a black and white fine-art photographer who uses classical techniques with medium and large format cameras to record images of traditional subjects such as landscapes and architecture.  He has frequently employed his own chemical formulas to produce prints of unusual depth and clarity.

Updating his pursuit of fine art black and white printing, John has recently made the transition to digital fine art printing.  After extensive calibration and testing of equipment, inks and papers, he now produces digital fine art black and white prints that rival traditional silver-based images in permanence and visual quality.

In 1997, he and his wife Trisha moved to Tijeras, New Mexico from Houston, Texas where he had started Lytton Imaging in 1980.  Before that, he had worked for the Boeing Company at NASA and also for Brown & Root, a large construction company.  John taught photography and digital imaging at the Art Institute of Houston.