Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is the computer processing of images that are generally photographic in nature.

There are three stages in digital imaging: input, processing, and output.

Input consists of digitized images - film or photos prepared for computer input, usually by scanning, direct image capture by digital camera or a camera equipped with a scanning back, or initially generated on a computer. This results in a computer image file.

Processing can be one or more of the following:

Output is generally the post-processing recording of the manipulated image file onto visual media such as paper or film.  Output can also be the processed digital image file on recordable media such as compact disc, computer hard drive, DVD, etc.

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  • Scanning
    • Film
    • Print
  • Processing
    • Enhancement
    • Retouching
    • Compositing
    • Special Effects
    • Image Analysis
  • Output
    • Direct Digital Print
    • Digital Image File
  • Graphics Conversion
    • Mac < > IBM
    • File Format
  • Consulting
    • Computer Programs/Equipment
      • Selection
      • Compatibility
    • Procedures
      • Input
      • Processing
      • Output
      • Special Effects


Digital Imaging Services - Price List
Film Scanning up to 4X5  on custom built film scanner $50
up to 8X10 on Epson V750 flatbed scanner $50
Exhibition Quality Black & White Prints Archival pigment inks, extended tonal range archival papers
  Required initial setup : $50 minimum
$.25/sq in for 1st print, $.20/sq in for add'l prints of same image
Pricing includes 8.5x11 proof, initial 15 min consultation
Digital Processing, Digital Imaging Consultation, Setup Time $100/hr, 15 min increments
  Setup time includes file setup, tonal optimization, file clean-up  
Effective 12/06/09

For more services information contact Lytton Imaging