About Giclée Prints

Until recently "fine art inkjet print" was somewhat regarded as an oxymoron.  Inkjet prints, also known as giclée prints, were subject to problems such as short term fading and discernable ink dot patterns.  However, technical advances have improved inkjet prints to the point that, with the appropriate ink and paper combinations, they have a tested projected image permanence of decades, if not centuries.  Improved image quality also makes the best inkjet prints virtually indistinguishable from traditional photo prints. 

Black and white images present an additional difficulty.  Color inkjet printers attempt use a perfectly neutral mix of color inks to produce a gray-scale image.  Generally, a completely monochromatic image is rarely achieved with this process.  Different densities in the image often have slightly different color hues due to subtle variations in the blending of the color inks.  This problem has been solved by using different densities of black ink in place of the color inks.  This ensures evenness of hue across the entire tonal range of the black and white print and improves the smoothness of the dot pattern.  An important additional benefit of this technique is extended print permanence over the replaced color inks.

The images you see in this web gallery were printed using monochromatic inks as described above.  They are likely to last for many decades without noticeable degradation.


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Glossy prints only, to retain full tonal range.  Archival materials.

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For more information regarding fine art black and white inkjet printing services or to purchase fine art black and white giclée prints by John Lytton contact: Lytton Imaging