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John Lytton

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All images copyrighted by John L. Lytton


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Gallery Representation:


Figurehead Gallery, Livermore, CA

Levin Gallery, Monterey, CA

Willem Photographic Gallery, Monterey, CA


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-“I did not believe digital Black & White prints could equal or surpass darkroom prints until I saw your prints!”
-"John always gets detail in the black areas of his photos which is extremely hard to accomplish"
-"How do you print photos that big?"
-"The details in John's photos are unbelievable!"
-"I've never seen photos that large!"
-"These photos can't be digital, there is way too much detail"
-"Did you actually get that lighting on that scene because it is amazing!"
-"If you want to see a photograph with soul look at John Lytton's photographs"
-"John Lytton must be able to visualize in Black & White when he's looking at color images to photograph"
-"The most depth and detail in Black & White photographs"